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Even if a Materials Engineer by degree, I soon have embraced overall manufacturing operations as I began my path as a Continuous Improvement professional, implementing Lean Manufacturing at the factory.

From those days, implementing Lean from dock to dock, to leading CI programmes across different organizations and countries in Europe I became increasingly fascinated to the impact of these philosophies in individuals as much as in companies. 

I'm now fascinated with the idea of sharing what I have learned in this challenging journey, supporting Operational Excellence and above all, the competence of professionals.

With a degree in Philosophy from the University of Lyon and a postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management from the Higher Institute of Management, I became a certified trainer by the IEFP and the Learning Times, and Instructional Developer by Darryl Sink & Associates, in the USA.

I explored my desire to promote individual development in the workplace, obtaining certifications in Coaching from the Center Européen de Formation au Coaching Professionnel in Paris


Lately, I have had the pleasure of supporting the development of executives since 2000 and of Continuous Improvement professionals collaborating with gemba .


We are not important. You are!

 All we want is to serve the purpose of making you a more complete professional.

This is about you!

Claudia Pargana

Lean Core Team

Implementação do Delphi Manufacturing System, nas suas vertentes; dos Sistemas de Produção em Fluxo à Mobilização e aos indicadores de performance


Ana Cristina Neto


Lean Core Team

Programa de formação de Gap Leaders do programa de desenvolvimento de equipas segundo o modelo definindo no Faurécia Excelence System

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